10 YouTube Channels You Should Follow Right Now

Build your business from some help from the greats.
10 YouTube Channels You Should Follow Right Now

With YouTube now being a mogul of social media, it’s time that entrepreneurs began using it as a resource. There are thousands of incredible content creators, just looking to help young business people with growing their companies and knowledge. So if you’re on the lookout for some extra help, we have compiled a list of our favourite entrepreneurship YouTube channels below. Check these out, and you’ll be on your way to better entrepreneurship in no time!

YouTube can certainly be more than a pastime.


No worthwhile article about YouTube could skate by without a mention of TED Talks. This channel is an endless trove of motivation, business ideas, and startup stories to fuel your mind. Following their work could be the ultimate boost to your startup’s business plan!


Possibly the most coveted source of everything business, the YouTube channel is an another great resource to have in your arsenal. Find videos about business news, market trends, as well as expert advice on how to grow your company.

Peter Voogd:

Based out of San Diego, author and entrepreneurial expert Peter Voogd is on a mission to change the way we look at a business. His channel offers riveting content about his own rise to success, as well as realistic business resources for young businesspeople. If your startup needs a role model, here’s your guy.

Brian Tracy:

Motivational speaker and author Brian Tracy is all in on your success. His YouTube channel focuses on leadership and personal betterment, all in the context of growing your business and being a better entrepreneur. From helping you create 5-year-plans to overcoming failure, Tracy has it all covered.

Dan Martell:

This Canadian entrepreneur’s channel consists of How To’s of all sorts. These videos are suited to young and rising entrepreneurs, who need a little guidance to get to the next level. But even seasoned professionals can certainly learn about leadership and sales from Martell.

Business Insider:

If you are looking for succinct business content with a little side of fun, then this is the YouTube channel for you. From tax reform news to the cons of wearing earphones, Business Insider is here to broaden your horizons about business and politics.

CNN Money:

Personal finance and technology are just as important as entrepreneurial knowledge, and the CNN Money channel is here to teach you just that. Find new and upcoming market trends, along with exciting advances in the field of technology on this channel!


This podcast channel interviews business and entrepreneurial mavens from across the globe, in order to find out their secrets to success. Founder John Desena is decided on getting you personal and professional life solutions with a little help from panel discussions. Every interview is broken down and analysed, which can result in some incredible findings! The videos on this channel may appear daunting, but it’s an experience you will not regret.

Evan Carmichael:

This channel is the perfect mix of motivation and information to help you succeed. This Canadian YouTuber uses tips from moguls, ranging from Jay-Z to Bernie Sanders, and summarises them to give you the spark to grow your business. Definitely worth a follow.


Heavily focussed on education, this channel is nothing but tips, tricks, and information for entrepreneurs to adapt into their business. If you’re looking to learn, then this channel is here to teach you the basics. We think that this channel could be a great resource for you to refer to while making business decisions.


Ultimately, YouTube is a great (and free) way to better your skills as an entrepreneur. Rising professionals can use these channels to learn the tricks of the trade, and experts can brush up on the basics. These 10 YouTube channels will certainly be a great asset to your company, so definitely give them a try!

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