3 Tips To Better Public Speaking

Work a crowd successfully with these three easy steps.
3 Tips To Better Public Speaking

From upscale corporate presentations to more casual workplace pitches, public speaking is a key entrepreneurial asset to have. There will come a day where you have to share your ideas with a crowd, and you want it to be impactful without pulling all your hair out. Here’s our top three tips on how to better your public speaking skills:

Public speaking takes practice and patience.


  1. Know your space:

    Preparation makes perfect, and that’s exactly what you want when it comes to public speaking. If you have the opportunity, go and suss out the space you will be speaking in. If you have audiovisual aids for your presentation, set up the amenities for them well in advance. Nobody wants to be the person with technical difficulties in the middle of a presentation, it just makes you seem unprepared and unprofessional.

  2. Cut the sales pitch:

    We’ve all seen and heard speakers who are there to sell a product – be it their book, or their company’s services, etc. But such speakers, as eloquent as they may be, often fail to inspire interest in their audiences. So cut the sales pitch, and make your presentation one that imparts knowledge and creates moments of introspection. And audience that feels valued will value your time as well.

  3. Trust your audience:

    When the nerves strike, it’s natural that your speech will falter. Some people speak too fast, some stutter, some get forgetful, and the others just clam up. In moments like this, it is perfectly all right for you to stop and take a deep breath, just to centre yourself. Put a little faith in your audience to wait for you; they’re more understanding than you think. They are all there to learn from you, and your rushing through things helps nobody.

With these tips, we think that up and coming entrepreneurs can really up the public speaking ante! Try them out, you won’t regret it.

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