Drop These 5 Habits To Be More Successful

Certain bad habits can keep us from our optimal success. Are you guilty of any of these?
Drop These 5 Habits To Be More Successful

Every entrepreneur has their own leadership style, which leads to a different energy in each’s workplace. However, there are certain behavioural tendencies which keep us from realising our full potential as leaders. We’ve highlighted five of the most common detrimental habits in entrepreneurship. Which ones are you guilty of?

Alter your behaviour to achieve success.

  1. Micro-managing:

    You’ve certainly heard the cons of this multiple times, but let us drive it home a little further. Whether stemming from nervousness, or your self-sufficient nature, micro-managing can be your biggest adversary. Your employees are on your team for a reason: you trust them enough to see your company’s vision through. So instead of nitpicking at every little detail, try and take a more lax stance. Let them do what they do, and you can always change what you don’t agree with later on. Habits such as micro-managing are likely to turn you into a harridan, and no employee wants to work like that.

  2. Avoiding any and all risk:

    Every entrepreneur worth their salt knows that failure isn’t an option when it comes to their business. This often leads us to play it safe, and forget that risk is an inevitable part and parcel of success. So if you want to be a competitor in your field, then making eccentric choices for your business is key. This is not to say that you should always be betting on the unknown and leaving the results to the gods; trial and adjustment is just as imperative to the process.

  3. Not asking for help:

    It is certain that nobody knows your business better than you. However, there will likely come a time where you find yourself overwhelmed and unsure of the next move. And as savvy and knowledgeable you might be, it is important that you turn to others for help, whether from your employees or your business contacts.¬†Being a pioneer doesn’t have to be a one-man show, it’s all about reaching solutions and success using the smartest means possible.

  4. Not inviting criticism:

    We understand just how hard it is to look at our hard work with a critical eye. Therefore, it is a good idea to invite feedback from others such as employees and clients, and establish a loop of constructive criticism. Additionally, keeping an eye on competitors’ services and products might help you reassess where your own company stands on the charts of success. In order for your company to grow, you have to consistently be reevaluating and tweaking the parts that don’t work. Get into the habit of practicing objectivity when it comes to your company. You just might chance upon a new and efficient way to run your business!

  5. Dismissing work-life balance:

    Ceasing work when leaving the office is a far less common practice than you’d think. Whether it is the phone calls or the emails, work always has a way of weaselling into one’s downtime. But it is is crucial to set some boundaries for yourself, however small or large. Answer only 3 work-related phone calls over the weekend, refrain from checking your work email once you’re home, whatever works for you. Create the rules as you go, but do not forget that these rules will help you maintain your sanity, and actually live your life a little!


Should you find yourself guilty of any of the above habits, keep in mind that you are, by no means, alone. People from all walks of work life have these tendencies, and it deters their efficiency just a little every time they indulge them. Any effort dedicated to correcting your behaviour is already propelling you and your company to growth and success, so keep at it!

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