How To Find The Perfect Office For Your Startup

Here are our top three tips:

Whether in monarchy or in business, every empire starts off as a village. It takes effort to turn your startup into a superpower, and one of the first steps to do this is to move your organisation into an office. Facebook’s founders could have chosen to continue operations from a laptop in a college dorm room, but instead, they work from one of the largest headquarters in the world. And if your business needs a space of it’s own, then here is what you need to keep in mind:

Keep the look of your office simple.

  1. Office layout matters:

    Fancy offices and edgy decor may be aesthetically pleasing, but they don’t always add to an organisation’s efficiency. So look for square or rectangular shaped spaces, where you can make full use of every inch and corner. Your office should be easy to navigate, and devoid of obscure corners that make the space smaller. Additionally, remember to keep it simple in the designing process. Unnecessary design elements and showy decor can mar the image of the workplace.

  2. Know your limits:

    A large and modern place of work is what dreams are made of, but that may not be what your startup can afford at the moment. Especially when it comes to the finances, it is imperative to be realistic about what the company can do. You may not be making the numbers that you imagined, or simply need to put your profits to other use. Either way, be open to the idea of sharing workspaces with another organisation, as well as the idea of renting instead of owning. Such options can help cut your costs majorly.

  3. Make it a collaborative search:

    When choosing an office space, keep in mind that the office isn’t just for you. Therefore, your startup’s office should not be made of just one person’s ideas either. Reach out to your employees, and ask them what they need from an office. Your employees’ equipment and location preferences can contribute greatly to your budgeting process, as well as the way your office is designed.


As your startup company evolves, so must it’s office space. The right office can bring unity to an organisation, and even increase the productivity of the people that work there. So follow these tips, and you might just find yourself in an office that makes your startup soar.

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